There are a few types of automated posts that my sites make to reddit

Below are more details them

Currently Running

From site Purpose Example Details When a new conquest week starts New Conquest Week - Emergency Operations

This posts as part of the same trigger that posts a new conquest week to Twiter.

Posts once the scanner has hit the European servers (which is the second tweet about a new conquest week). When new maintence is announced New Maintenance Update 3.0.0a

This is triggered as soon as the event is created on

The Maintence events are automatically created by scanning the dev tracker.

The reddit generator is only triggered for event types Maintenance. It would be easy to expand that to other types if there was a desire. When maintence is 24 hours away Maintenance in one day - Update 3.0

This is triggered as part of the same logic that posts about events 24 hours before on Twitter, just it also adds a check for even type Maintenance.

To account for issues with the script, this can post anywhere between 24 hours before and 22 hours before the maintenance. So if maintenance is announced less than 22 hours before it will start, the 24 hour warning will never post.

Similar to the new maintenance post, it would be easy to expand this to other types of posts When the cartel market changes Changes to the Cartel Market -- Tuesday December 30 2014

Whenever a new item is added to the cartel market, item is removed, item is added again, or price changes; A trigger is added to a queue for what to post to reddit about

Every 10 minutes a scanner runs checking this queue. If there has not been anything put in the queue for 5 minutes it will make a single post to reddit with all the changes. New Dev post Dev Post Example

Started after a brief discussion with one of the moderators of /r/rswtor

Piggybacks off the same code that scans the dev tracker for new maintence

A Link will be posted to Reddit with every new dev post on a new thread.

Will include the text from the dev post

This will not trigger for maintence posts, the specialized maintence post will be used instead

Followup dev comments in the same thread will be added as comments to the existing reddit post

Currently experimenting with (may or may not go live if I can't get working). Anything here currently runs but only in my private 'bot playground' on reddit

From Site Purpose Why is it not live? Conquest Week final scores

I currently have all of the code written that will make the actual post (in fact I use that code and just copy and paste the tables I manually do each week.

Currently there are 2 major issues.

The first is how to handle data for European and North American servers. In my database these are completely seperate from each other. They have little knowledge of each other in the database and combining the data after the fact is problematic (I am working on changes to how the data is stored to fix this)

The second is knowing that a week is over. Right now I only store something in the database saying that North American servers are done and European servers are done. This however does not mean that it has all of the final scores for both, just that it has recieved a single server from each with a flag saying the conquest week is over. To fix this I will need to change it so that for every conquest week it saves something to the database saying that a specific server has its final scores. Then put in the logic to read that to determine wether or not it is time to post to reddit. (I have ideas on how to fix this, but I have not found a solution that I am actually happy with at the moment)